Top News Stories for Today – Sept 12, 2017

Top News Stories for Today – Sept 12, 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane IrmaIrma’s a tropical depression this morning, lumbering its way through the Southeast and bringing heavy rain to Alabama and western Tennessee. Monday it brought strong winds and flooding to parts of Georgia and South Carolina. And folks are just beginning to pick up the pieces in Florida, where Irma spread its devastation across the entire state and left nearly 60% of it in the dark. As of this morning there are five storm-related deaths in the United States.

Officials are having a hard time getting to some parts of the Keys (especially Key Largo), which seemed to bear the full brunt of Irma’s wrath. Part of US 1, the highway that connects the islands with the Florida mainland, is under water. And debris in the water makes it difficult to get to the Keys by boat right now. There are reports of widespread damage and power outages, but officials just won’t know how bad things are until they’re able to get there. The estimated 10,000 people who rode out the storm in the Keys may need to be evacuated, according to the Defense Department, but Key West’s city manager says there are no plans to do that just yet. CNN



UN approves N Korea sanctions

UN approves N Korea sanctionsOn Monday, the UN Security Council unanimously agreed to more sanctions against North Korea, following the country’s sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sept. 3. The sanctions cap North Korea’s imports of refined and crude oil at 8.5 million barrels a year, and ban textile exports, which last year accounted for more than a quarter of North Korea’s export income.

The United States had to soften its initial resolution in order to get Russia and China on board. China is responsible for 90 percent of North Korea’s foreign trade, and is worried that if the economy there becomes too unstable, North Korean refugees will flood into China. The Washington Post, The Week



Brexit bill approved

Britain prepare historic Brexit voteBritish lawmakers voted in favor of a key Brexit bill early Tuesday morning, marking an important milestone in the UK’s exit from the European Union. Members of Parliament passed the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — which will transfer EU law into UK legislation when Britain exits the bloc — by 326 votes to 290.

The bill will now move onto committee stage and undergo line by line scrutiny. Following the vote, Prime Minister Theresa May issued a statement calling it “a historic decision to back the will of the British people.” CNN



Kushner was advised to leave WH over Russia

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner denies collusion with MoscowIn June, members of President Trump’s legal team were worried about his son-in-law Jared Kushner having had several known meetings with Russians, and suggested he resign from his role as senior adviser, The Wall Street Journal reports. Trump didn’t think Kushner did anything wrong, and even though Kushner was part of the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, he saw no need for his son-in-law to step down, the Journal said.

It’s unclear which attorneys made the recommendation to Trump, but former lead attorney Marc Kasowitz told the Journal he never discussed the idea and was not aware of any other attorney thinking this way. Kushner has denied colluding with any Russians in an attempt to sway the 2016 presidential election. New York Daily News



Lawsuits filed against Equifax

EquifaxAfter disclosing last week that 143 million US consumers may have had their personal information compromised during a cyberattack by criminal hackers, credit-reporting agency Equifax is already facing at least 23 proposed class-action lawsuits.

The company said the attacks took place from mid-May to July 2017, and the breach involved names, addresses, birthdays, and Social Security numbers, as well as some driver’s license numbers. The federal lawsuits have been filed in 14 states and the District of Columbia over the last several days, covering everything from alleged security negligence to the delay in notifying customers. SA Today



Apple unveiling iPhones  X

iphone xApple is holding its first public event at its new Cupertino headquarters, Apple Park, on Tuesday, and the main attraction is widely expected to be a new $999 iPhone X. The iPhone was introduced 10 years ago, and it proved to be Apple’s most successful product ever.

The company will also unveil an iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, release a new mobile operating system, a wireless version of the Apple Watch, an upgraded Apple TV, and maybe some surprises. CEO Tim Cook’s keynote begins at 10 a.m. in California and 1 p.m. EDT, and Apple plans to livestream it on supported browsers. The Wall Street Journal, Recode


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Top News Stories for Today – Sept 12, 2017
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Top News Stories for Today – Sept 12, 2017
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