Top News Stories For Today – Nov 21, 2017

Top News Stories For Today – Nov 21, 2017

Tencent chief richer than Google founders

The company owns WeChat, an enormously popular messaging app in China, and hit gaming franchises such as League of Legends and Honor of Kings. It is the first Asian firm to surpass a market value of $500bn.

Its chief executive, Ma Huateng, is now worth more than the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, according to Forbes. The magazine valued him at $48.3bn on Tuesday, making him the world’s ninth richest man according to its ranking. Tencent now sits alongside a handful of US companies you are much more likely to have heard of: Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. BBC



US to re-designate N Korea as State sponsor of Terror

US State Department on Tuesday announces to re-designate North Korea in a sponsor of terrorism list. South Korea and Japan have welcomed the move to re-designate North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism in order to put additional financial and diplomatic pressure on the totalitarian government. Currently, the only countries on the list are Iran, Syria and Sudan. Trump administration determined Pyongyang “has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism,” including ssassinations on foreign soil.

US put North Korea on the terror sponsor list in 1988, after North Korean agents blew up a South Korean civilian airliner, killing 115 people. But Pyongyang was removed in 2008 after they met benchmarks related to a nuclear disarmament deal. Returning North Korea to the terror list would mean it is subject to greater restrictions on US foreign assistance, defense exports and sales, and other financial transactions. VOA



US gives 59,000 Haitians 18 months to leave the US

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke announced Monday that roughly 59,000 Haitians living in the United States who have been protected from deportation since 2010 have 18 months to leave the United States.

Haitians who came to the US after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti in 2010 have been safe under a program known as Temporary Protected Status, enacted by Congress in the 1990s to help large groups of people who fled from natural disasters and wars. More than 30,000 of the affected Haitians live in Florida. Los Angeles Times, The Week



Lawmakers to begin Mugabe impeachment process

Lawmakers in Zimbabwe plan to begin impeachment proceedings Tuesday against longtime President Robert Mugabe after he ignored a deadline to step down. Members of the ruling ZANU-PF party expressed hope the process could be completed within a week.

The impeachment motion includes charges of abusing his authority to name his wife, Grace Mugabe, as his successor. Mugabe took that step after firing popular military hero and former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The 93-year-old president has shown no sign of willingly leaving the office he has held for four decades, and planned to hold a Cabinet meeting Tuesday. Mugabe has been under house arrest since last week when the military seized key state institutions. The country’s top military official said Monday that Mugabe was in touch with Mnangagwa, who was expected to return to Zimbabwe soon. VOA




Judge rules Trump’s sanctuary city order is unconstitutional

On Monday, US District Court Judge William Orrick permanently blocked President Trump’s executive order to cut funding to so-called sanctuary cities, calling it “unconstitutional on its face.” A sanctuary city limits its cooperation with the federal government in enforcing immigration law, and San Francisco and Santa Clara counties in California sued to block the order.

Orrick, who previously put a temporary hold on the executive order, ruled that Trump cannot set new conditions on spending that has already been approved by Congress. The Associated Press, The Week



Mosque bombing in Nigeria

At least 50 people were killed Tuesday in a suicide bomb attack at a mosque in northern Nigeria, according to police.

The attack happened in the town of Mubi  as worshippers were gathering for the Fajr dawn prayer. The bomber was about 17, police said. We are still getting details about the attack, including the number of wounded. CNN



Sexual allegation against Charlie Rose

Another day, another round of sexual allegations against powerful, famous men. Eight women have come forward in a Washington Post story to accuse longtime broadcaster Charlie Rose of sexual harassment, including accounts of groping, exposure and inappropriately intimate conversations. In response, CBS has suspended Rose, who is currently a co-host on “CBS This Morning,” a correspondent for “60 Minutes” and the star of the PBS interview program bearing his name.

Meanwhile, The New York Times has also suspended political reporter Glenn Thrush over allegations of sexual misconduct involving young female journalists. CNN



Puerto Rico still struggle to regain electricity

It’s been about two months since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, but problems there continue to fester and overlap. Whitefish Energy, the controversial Montana company awarded a contract to help restore power to the US territory, is stopping its work on the island’s broken electricity grid. The company says it is owed more than $83 million by the island’s power authority. In addition, a CNN investigation has found the number of deaths because of Maria may be significantly underreported. The official tally of storm-related deaths stands at 55, but a survey of more than 100 funeral homes revealed almost 500 deaths that were thought to be storm-related. CNN

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Top News Stories For Today – Nov 21, 2017
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Top News Stories For Today – Nov 21, 2017
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