Top News Stories For Today – Nov 17, 2017

Top News Stories For Today – Nov 17, 2017

Bible Museum to open in Washington

Museum of the Bible is set to open on November 17, located at 400 4th Street SW, Washington DC. The 430,000-square-foot Museum of the Bible will span across eight floors with a biblical garden, grand ballroom, and a restaurant by Chef Todd Gray, called Manna. In order to get timed tickets in advance, guests will be able to reserve them online. The membership plans start at $60 for an individual and $150 for families.

The museum was founded by Steve Green, a member of the conservative evangelical family that owns Hobby Lobby, the world’s largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer. In 2014, Hobby Lobby won a Supreme Court case, concerning religious objections, to deny workers at family-owned corporations contraception coverage. When Green was asked if he would like to see people who come to the museum become more Christian, he smiled and said, “We want them to know the Bible better.” VOA


Zimbabwe’s Mugabe emerges from house arrest

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has turned up to a university graduation ceremony in the capital, Harare, in his first public appearance since the military staged an apparent coup two days ago. The event was apparently designed to convey a business-as-usual atmosphere — the generals pulling the strings in Harare are desperate not to give the impression they are orchestrating an unconstitutional coup. But behind the scenes, efforts to push Mugabe aside appeared to be foundering.

Mugabe was reported to be resisting a plan to oust him, and the generals were said to be frustrated about his refusal to go quietly. CNN



Venezuela opposition leader flees to Colombia

Venezuelan opposition leader Antonio Ledezma, who was detained in 2015 on allegations of

coup-plotting but had been under house arrest in Caracas, has fled over the border to Colombia, media in both countries said on Friday.

“Welcome to freedom!” tweeted former Colombian President Andres Pastrana, who is close to Venezuela’s opposition. Ledezma’s family, lawyer and political party did not immediately respond to phone calls seeking confirmation. VOA



GOP pass massive tax bill

Republicans passed their $1.5 trillion tax overhaul bill through the House 227-205 on Thursday as the GOP pushes to land the legislation on President Trump’s desk before the end of the year. Thirteen Republicans voted against the bill, as well as all Democrats. “I just have too many constituents who are going to see their taxes go up,” explained Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.).

The Senate Finance Committee cleared its version on a party-line vote Thursday night, with an eye to voting on it after Thanksgiving. The Senate has less room for party defections, however, and with two Republican senators already criticizing the proposal, questions swirl over whether the legislation can pass in its current form. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Week



Fox News poll: Jones up 8 points over Roy Moore

A Fox News poll released Thursday shows Democrat Doug Jones leading Republican Roy Moore by eight points in the Alabama Senate race. Fifty percent of likely voters surveyed and 49 percent of registered voters in the deeply conservative state said they would vote for Jones, while 42 percent of likely voters surveyed and 40 percent of registered voters said they support Moore.

The poll was conducted Nov. 13 through 15, after several women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore, saying when they were teenagers and he was in his early 30s, he made sexual advances or pursued relationships with them. A Fox News poll conducted in mid-October had the candidates tied. Fox News



Keystone Pipeline spills 200,000 gallons of oil

The Keystone Pipeline leaked more than 200,000 gallons of oil Thursday morning in an agricultural area of northeastern South Dakota. TransCanada, the company that operates the pipeline, said it shut down the pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta, to Cushing, Oklahoma, and to Wood River and Patoka in Illinois.

A state official said the oil has not reached any bodies of water. The last major leak on the Keystone pipeline, which was rejected by the Obama administration and resuscitated by President Trump, was in April 2016, when 16,800 gallons of oil spilled in Hutchinson County, South Dakota. NBC News, The Week

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Top News Stories For Today – Nov 17, 2017
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Top News Stories For Today – Nov 17, 2017
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