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Top news stories for today – June , 10 2016

Thousands gather for Muhammad Ali funeral

Thousands gather for Muhammad Ali funeralTens of thousands of people are gathering in Louisville, Kentucky, from around the world on Friday to pay their final respects to boxing legend and cultural icon Muhammad Ali. The full-day commemoration begins at 9 a.m., with a motorcade carrying Ali’s body past his childhood home, then other landmarks associated with Ali, ending at Cave Hill Cemetery, where Ali will be interred in a private ceremony.

The public interfaith memorial service will begin at 2 p.m., with eulogies from former President Bill Clinton and Billy Crystal, and words from Ali’s family and others. Ali’s pallbearers include boxers George Foreman, Larry Holmes, and Lennox Lewis, plus Will Smith, who played Ali in a 2001 movie. On Thursday, Ali was celebrated at a private Islamic prayer service attended by 14,000. BBC News, USA Today



Ruling on concealed weapons in California

Ruling on concealed weapons in CaliforniaThousands of Californians hoping to carry concealed guns may be out of luck. That’s because a federal appeals court says California can require gun enthusiasts to provide a good cause for wanting a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

That law was briefly struck down in 2014 by the same court, and some county sheriffs loosened their permit restrictions. San Diego collected applications under the looser restrictions, but didn’t act on them while awaiting the court’s to sort out the issue.

The San Diego sheriff says the 2,463 applicants applying under the looser restrictions won’t be given a permit unless the US Supreme Court overturns a 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruling Thursday. Associated Press



American who fought for ISIS charged

American who fought for ISIS chargedAn American who joined ISIS was charged in federal court Thursday with providing support to the terror group. Mohamad Jamal Khweis, 26, who grew up in Virginia, is the first ISIS-affiliated American to have been captured on the battlefield.He appeared in court in Alexandria, Virginia, with family members and heard the charges he is facing.

After being captured by Kurdish anti-ISIS forces in March, Khweis said he renounced the terror group and described it as not representative of Islam, calling life under the organization “really, really bad” in a television interview. Khweis has previously said he joined the terror group because of a woman. The FBI interviewed Khweis while he was in Kurdish custody in Iraq, according to the criminal complaint filed against him.

The complaint alleges Khweis admitted to conducting “extensive research concerning ISIL” in 2015, including “frequently” watching ISIS execution videos and using social media to privately contact ISIS and smuggle himself across the Turkish-Syrian border. CNN



Kochs to launch a new campaign ad

Kochs to launch a new campaign adWorking to soften his partisan image, conservative billionaire Charles Koch‘s industrial conglomerate this week will launch a television and digital advertising campaign that calls for Americans of all political stripes to “end the divide” as he seeks broader support for his free-market ideas and defends his corporate brand.  “Let’s stop attacking people we disagree with and trying to silence them. Let’s instead try to find common ground and learn from each other so we can innovate.”

The campaign comes as Koch and his aides work to retool parts of his vast policy and political empire and direct more money and effort toward public policy and social change. The network recently launched a new arm, dubbed Stand Together, which has set attacking poverty and boosting educational quality as early goals. And Koch officials have disbanded an opposition-research unit that gathered information about liberal groups, Democratic candidates and others.

Koch expressed skepticism this week about Republican Donald Trump’s presidential bid, but said he’s not retreating from national and state politics. He calls the changes part of the “normal review” that his network and company alike undergo periodically to remain nimble and competitive.

‘“The world is changing,” he said. “We’ve got to change at least as fast as the world, hopefully faster.” USA Today

US Presidential election

Obama endorses Clinton: President Barack Obama formally endorsed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after meeting Thursday with her rival, Bernie Sanders, in a bid to unite the party and defeat controversial Republican Donald Trump. In videotaped remarks released by the Clinton campaign, Obama said he knows how difficult it is to be president, and that is why he knows his former secretary of state is capable of doing the job. The White House said Obama would campaign with Clinton for the first time during an appearance in Wisconsin on Wednesday. VOA

Joe Biden and Warren endorse Clinton: Vice President Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary Clinton Thursday night as they launched blistering back-to-back attacks at Donald Trump, both calling Trump’s comments about a federal judge “racist.” “Anybody who thinks that whoever the next president is — and God willing, in my view, it will be Secretary Clinton,” Biden said. “Donald Trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and serves nobody but himself,” Elizabeth Warren said. CNN

Hillary Clinton reportedly meeting privately today with Elizabeth Warren: Hillary Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) are reportedly meeting at Clinton’s home in Washington, D.C., on Friday morning, just hours after Warren endorsed Clinton for president. Clinton has already said she is certain Warren is “qualified” to serve as her running mate, and their meeting adds to speculation that Clinton is considering Warren for VP. Though the two aren’t particularly close, The Washington Post reports that they have had “several conversations over the past month” and their staffs “have been engaged in more tactical discussions.” Warren has also expressed confidence in her capability to serve as VP. he Washington Post, Politico

FBI’s Clinton email investigation reportedly centers around drone strikes: The Justice Department’s ongoing investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as secretary of state, which has dogged her presidential campaign, is focused on email exchanges between the US ambassador in Pakistan and State Department officials over whether to oppose specific CIA drone strikes, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing “congressional and law-enforcement officials.” In 2011, State Department officials were permitted to endorse or oppose specific CIA strikes, usually via a secure government network but on about six occasions, emails were sent on less-secure networks. The vaguely worded emails — they didn’t mention “drones,” “CIA,” or any details about targets — were sometimes forwarded to Clinton. The CIA drone program is officially top secret, and US officials are barred from discussing it. The Wall Street Journal, The Week

Talk grows of replacing Trump at GOP convention: There is growing talk on the right of replacing Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for president, and even chatter about a possible alternative. As Trump has floundered over the past week after questioning a federal judge’s impartiality because of his Mexican ancestry, Trump’s critics within the GOP have stepped up their efforts to thwart him. Some anti-Trump conservatives, who have tried for months to recruit an independent candidate, have begun looking more closely at attempting to persuade delegates at next month’s GOP convention to nominate someone other than Trump. Yahoo

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