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World’s top news stories for today from Washingtonian post (April 16, 2016)

2 strong earthquakes strike Japan again

2 strong earthquakes strike Japan againJapan was struck by two earthquakes on Friday, both near the southern city of Kumamoto, killing at least 25 people and injuring more than a thousand.. The first quake had a magnitude of 7.1, and a 7.4-magnitude quake followed soon after.

Both tremblors come less than 24 hours after the same area was hit by a magnitude 6.5 quake Thursday night, leaving more than 800 injured. Japan’s Meteorological Agency has since issued an advisory for a tsunami of up to 3 feet along the coast east of Kumamoto. Reuters



Pope visits migrants in Greek

Pope visits migrants in GreekPope Francis has made an emotional visit to a detention camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, telling the migrants there “you are not alone”. Dozens of refugees lined up in the Moria camp to see the Pope, some holding banners asking for help.

Pope Francis first met a group of young boys who had made the dangerous overseas journey alone. As he toured the camp, TV pictures showed one woman kneeling at his feet, delivering an emotional appeal. A young girl handed him some artwork. The Pope said “Bravo, Bravo”, before telling his staff: “Don’t fold it. I want it on my desk.”

In his speech, the Pope acknowledged “the great sacrifice” the people in the camp had made, saying he wanted to “draw the attention of the world to this grave humanitarian crisis”. Calling on the world to show “common humanity” over the crisis, he told the camp’s residents: “Do not lose hope. The greatest gift we can offer to one another is love.”

The Moria camp holds more than 3,000 people, some of whom may face deportation to Turkey. The Vatican insists that the Pope’s visit is purely humanitarian and religious in nature and should not be seen as a criticism of the deportations. VOA



Jamaica wants to oust Queen Elizabeth

Jamaica wants to oust Queen ElizabethQueen Elizabeth II could be out of a job. In Jamaica, at least. In a speech to legislators Thursday, Jamaican Governor-General Patrick Allen proposed a constitutional amendment “to replace Her Majesty The Queen with a Non-Executive President as Head of State” in the Caribbean nation.

While Elizabeth II isn’t involved much at all in the day-to-day functioning of Jamaica’s government, she’s officially head of state in 15 nations in what’s called the Commonwealth, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Like Jamaica, all have longstanding ties to the United Kingdom and British monarchy, even if they are independent otherwise.

One irony if this plan goes through: Allen was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II, just like other Jamaican governor-generals. In fact, the King’s House official website notes that his title is “Her Majesty’s representative in Jamaica,” suggesting that Allen is effectively pushing to push himself out. CNN



Apple says no again to government

Apple to oppose iPhone court orderIn a legal filing late Friday, the tech giant argued it should not be compelled to aid federal law enforcement officials who seek to extract data from a confessed methamphetamine trafficker’s iPhone because they have not exhausted all means to bypass the unit’s built-in security code.

The company’s lawyers also contended that the Department of Justice misinterpreted the All Writs Act, the 1789 statute that government lawyers used as the legal basis for asking a Brooklyn federal court to compel Apple’s assistance.

Apple filed the legal brief in response to the government’s appeal of a March ruling in which Brooklyn Magistrate Judge James Orenstein rejected federal prosecutors’ application. USA Today

US Presidential election

US Presidential election newsClinton vs Sanders: With their fiery Brooklyn debate behind them, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Hillary Clinton are looking ahead to another contentious contest, Tuesday’s New York Democratic primary. There are 250 delegates up for grabs and, as Thursday night’s debate proved, both Clinton and Sanders are willing to fight tooth and nail for a win. Polls currently show Clinton, a former senator for the state of New York, maintaining a commanding 17-point lead on Sanders, who was born in Brooklyn. Still, Sanders has kept his lead among young people and, according to some polls, pulled even with her in upstate New York. The New York Times, CNN via The Week

Sanders releases tax return: Bernie Sanders and his wife, following pressure from Democratic presidential campaign rival Hillary Clinton, released their full 2014 federal tax return on Friday, showing a combined income of more than $205,000. USA Today

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