News You Should Read Today – November 27 – 2015

Miss Canada lashes out at Beijing after contest snub (AFP)vMiss Canada Anastasia Lin barred to travel China

A Canadian beauty queen lashed out at Beijing on Friday, saying she was barred from boarding a flight from Hong Kong to China to compete in a pageant because of her human rights activism.

Chinese-born Anastasia Lin, a 25-year-old actress crowned Miss World Canada in May, said that China was blocking her from travelling to the seaside resort city of Sanya for the Miss World contest. Lin, who told AFP late Thursday that Chinese authorities were suppressing people who “dare to speak their minds”, was speaking from Hong Kong’s international airport where she was blocked from taking a flight bound for mainland China.

“I believe the Chinese government is angry at me because my work brings attention to these (human rights) issues,” Lin said at a press conference on Friday morning. AFP



Palestinian hits Israeli soldiers with car ( hits Israeli soldiers with car

A Palestinian rammed his car into Israeli soldiers at a bus station in the occupied West Bank Friday before being shot dead, police said.

“A Palestinian car hit two Israelis standing by a bus station (near Kfar Adumim). The terrorist was neutralised,” police said. They later confirmed the suspect had died and the army said the two Israelis were soldiers. Israel’s Magen David Adom emergency medical service said the two soldiers were taken to hospital in Jerusalem conscious and with light to moderate wounds.

A senior police officer said the Palestinian exited his car and started to run after hitting the soldiers, before he was shot dead by a civilian. AFP



Saudi king gave Obamas with $1.3 million in gifts in 2014 ( king gave Obamas $1.3 million gifts in 2014

President Obama often receives curious gifts from foreign dignitaries. There was the time he got 20 baseball caps with his face on them from Zanzibari President Ali Mohamed Shein. And that other time Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk gifted a $500 deluxe package of items related to the video game “Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.”

But when the State Department published its annual accounting of gifts from foreign notables to American government officials on Wednesday, what stood out wasn’t so much the “What the heck is that?!?” as the “Wait, they gave how much?!?”

That’s because, throughout 2014, Saudi King Abdullah and top kingdom officials spent a fortune on gifts for Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and their daughters — roughly $1.35 million on the list.

The accounting was made public the day before Thanksgiving, with Americans poised to dive into the gift-buying season. Yahoo



Man jumps White House fence ( jumps White House fence

A man is in custody after jumping over a White House fence while the first family was inside celebrating Thanksgiving, officials said. Joseph Caputo scaled a fence on the North Lawn at 2:45 p.m., according to Secret Service spokesperson Robert Hoback. The jumper was immediately apprehended and taken into custody.

According to two CNN photojournalists who witnessed the incident, the men was carrying an envelope, had on a blue shirt and white pants and was cloaked in an American flag. They said the officers who detained him had their guns drawn and were accompanied by K-9 units.

Though the White House issued an official “all clear” about two hours after the episode began, the north and south fence lines remained temporarily closed Thursday evening. CNN



Ban on Christmas trees and music sparks Controversy in Virginia

A federal ban on Christmas trees and Christmas carols recently sparked outrage in Virginia. Christian Today reports the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center received an email saying that it could not display Christmas decorations or play Christmas music because doing so would promote Christianity.

According to the email, “Trees (regardless of the types of ornaments used) have been deemed to promote the Christian religion and will not be permitted in any public areas this year.” It continued, “Public areas may only be decorated in a manner that is celebratory of the winter season,” and “displays must not promote any religion.”

Additionally, “Music travels and should be secular (non-religious) and appropriate to the work environment.” Pastor John Sines, Jr. of Rock Pike Baptist Church, who regularly performs at the VA Hospital, said he was told he couldn’t sing anything with the words “Christ” or “Christmas.”

Sines told the VA Hospital that he would not abide by the new regulations. Christian Headlines

Germany Arrests 2 Suspected Of Planning 'Serious' Attack (AP)Germany arrests 2 Suspected of planning Attack

German police have arrested two men in Berlin who are suspected of planning a “serious” attack against the state.

The men were arrested Thursday following a raid on an Islamic cultural center in the German capital, according to Berlin police. Authorities say the suspects are aged 28 and 46, but have not released their identities or information on their alleged plot.

Local German media reported one of the men was Syrian and the other was Tunisian. VOA

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