News You Should Read Today – December 17 – 2015

Federal ReserveFederal Reserve raises interest rates for the first time in a decade ( raises interest rates for the first time in a decade

The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday afternoon that it will be raising interest rates for the first time since early 2006.

Though the hike, from a range of zero to 0.25 percent to a range of 0.25 to 0.5 percent, was widely expected, it still ends an unprecedented seven-year run at a zero target since the onset of the Great Recession. Federal Reserve Board of Governors via The Week



Defense Secretary used personal email account for official business (The New York Times)Defense Secretary used personal email account for official business

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter relied on a personal email account to conduct a portion of his government business during his first months at the Pentagon, according to White House and Defense Department officials and copies of Mr. Carter’s emails obtained by The New York Times.

Mr. Carter continued the practice, which violated Defense Department rules, for at least two months after it was publicly revealed in March that Hillary Clinton had exclusively used a personal email account as secretary of state, the officials said.

It is not clear when Mr. Carter stopped using the account. But an administration official said that when the White House chief of staff, Denis R. McDonough, learned about Mr. Carter’s email practices in May, Mr. McDonough directed the White House Counsel’s Office to contact the Defense Department to ask why Mr. Carter was relying on the personal account. The New York Times



Michael Jackson’sMichael Jackson's Thriller is first album to sell 30 million copies in US Thriller certified as first album to sell 30 million copies in U.S.

On Wednesday, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced that Michael Jackson’s Thriller has become the first album to be certified 30-times platinum in the U.S., meaning it has sold more than 30 million copies domestically since its release in 1982.

Most of those sales are from the ’80s — it went from platinum just two months after its release to 20-times platinum on Oct. 30, 1984. RIAA chief executive Cary Sherman called the sales record “an exceptional achievement and testament to Thriller’s enduring spot in our hearts and musical history.” With more than 100 million in sales globally, Thriller is recognized by Guinness World Records as the highest-selling album ever. Viriety



Putin says Turkish downing of Russian plane was an 'enemy act' ( says Turkish downing of Russian plane was an ‘enemy act’

Russian President Vladimir Putin, pugnacious as always, called the Turkish downing of a Russian war plane “an enemy act” and rejected international efforts to oust Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Turkish F-16s shot down the Russian Su-24 on November 24, saying the Russian plane was over Turkish airspace and ignored warnings to change course. One of the two Russian pilots was killed.

Putin said Turkey had other options. CNN

New Coffee Comes with Red Wine Benefits (AP)New Coffee Comes with Red Wine Benefits

A New Hampshire chemist says he has developed a coffee infused with a natural antioxidant found in grape skins. Glen Miller says he has infused Arabica coffee beans with resveratrol, which is good for the heart. The antioxidant is also tasteless.

He says one cup of his special brew, called CoffVee, has all the antioxidants found in a glass of red wine.

Miller says his coffee tastes “fabulous” and that it was preferred by consumers over some other leading brands of coffee.

In recent studies resveratrol has been shown to help the body fight diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s and cancer. VOA

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