Top News Stories For Today – Oct 12, 2017

Top News Stories For Today – Oct 12, 2017

Trump moves on his own to undermine ObamaCare

On Thursday, President Trump will sign an executive order to unwind parts of the Affordable Care Act. Trump promised on Tuesday to use “the power of the pen” to tackle ObamaCare, since Congress hasn’t, and his executive order will tell federal agencies, notably the Labor Department, to relax rules on coverage and benefits under smaller businesses that band together to buy insurance as an association and short-term insurance plans.

The goal is to leave consumers with more options, including lower-cost plans that don’t cover as much. Health-insurance experts warn that the order will likely undermine the federal markets in such a way that insurance could become prohibitively expensive for older and sicker people, including those with pre-existing conditions. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Week



Death toll hit 23 in California wildfire

Northern California is still battling a cluster of wind-fueled wildfires that have spread across wine country north of San Francisco. Authorities said Wednesday that at least 23 people have died in the fires, and more than 550 people are still missing in Sonoma County alone.

At least 3,500 structures are believed to have been destroyed, and several wineries have burned to the ground. The entire city of Calistoga is under mandatory evacuation orders, and thousands of residents in the region are without power. A red-flag warning went into effect Wednesday evening, with forecasters expecting winds of up to 50 mph through Thursday. San Francisco Chronicle, The Associated Press, The Week

Trump says it is ‘disgusting’ media can write freely

President Trump attacked the free press Wednesday, telling reporters that “it is frankly disgusting that the press is able to write whatever it wants to write.” The comments followed Trump’s tweets Wednesday morning, which reacted to an NBC News story that claimed the president had called for the nuclear arsenal to be increased “tenfold.”

“With all of the fake news coming out of NBC and the networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their license?” Trump asked. When pressed in the afternoon about whether there should be limits on the media, Trump said “no,” but added that reporters should write “more honestly.” Citing no evidence, Trump said: “When they make up stories like that, it’s just made up … They make up sources.” Bloomberg News, The Week



Las Vegas shooting

The first lawsuit connected to the mass shooting that killed 58 people has been filed as questions continue to swirl about the timeline of events. A California college student who was injured in the shooting sued MGM, which owns Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and the concert venue that hosted the Route 91 Harvest music festival. The suit asks why MGM didn’t notice the behavior of gunman Stephen Paddock and claims it didn’t respond quickly enough when Paddock shot a security guard six minutes before the massacre began.

As for the timeline of what happened, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said authorities’ account of the shooting, which was changed Monday to reflect the fact that the security guard was shot before Paddock opened fire on the concertgoers, could possibly change again as more information becomes available. “Nobody’s trying to be nefarious. Nobody’s trying to hide anything,” Lombardo said. CNN



Flood killed 37 in Vietnam

Floods caused by a tropical depression in Vietnam killed 37 people, one of the highest death tolls recorded in the country from flooding, the disaster prevention agency said on Thursday. Forty people were missing and 21 others were injured after rains caused landslides and flooding, mostly in northern and central Vietnam.

Vietnam often suffers from destructive storms and floods due to its long coastline. More than 200 people were killed in storms last year. VOA

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Top News Stories For Today – Oct 12, 2017
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Top News Stories For Today – Oct 12, 2017
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