Top News Stories for Today – November 24

Top News Stories for Today – November 25, 2016

Jill Stein to file for recount in 3 key states

Jill Stein to file for recount in 3 key statesGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein announced Wednesday that she would seek an audit and recount of the election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, after noticing purported irregularities potentially related to voter security. The Stein campaign began a crowd-funding effort to raise enough money for legal fees before the Friday deadline to file for recount in Wisconsin, securing the necessary funds by Thursday morning.

“After a divisive and painful presidential race, reported hacks into voter and party databases and individual email accounts were causing many [Americans] to wonder if our election results are reliable,” Stein said in a statement. President-elect Donald Trump claimed the electoral votes in all three states, which were crucial in propelling him to victory over Hillary Clinton. The Week, CNN, The Hill



Fewer shoppers expected in stores for Black Friday

Fewer shoppers expected in stores for Black FridayBargain hunters aren’t feeling the same sense of urgency around Black Friday this year. Just 23 percent of US adults say they plan to visit stores on the country’s biggest shopping day, Bankrate reports. Those that do venture out, though, are expected to spend more than ever, with median spending at $300 this year, up from $200 in 2014.

Holiday sales are expected to increase by 4.7 percent. “Two years ago, Black Friday was one day. Last year it was a weeklong event. This year it’s been a month-long event,” said Shelley Kohan, vice president of retail consulting at RetailNext. “A lot of Black Friday deals are already out there. They’ve been out there since the beginning of the month.” The Week, Fortune, Bankrate



Calls for recount intensify as Clinton’s popular vote total grows

Calls for recount intensify as Clinton's popular vote total growsCalls among Hillary Clinton supporters for a recount of votes in three key states grew louder this week on the news that her national popular vote lead surpassed 2 million votes, along with reports of voter irregularities in some counties.

Last week, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta spoke with a few election lawyers and computer scientists who urged him to ask for a recount in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan because they thought the electronic voting booths used in those states could have been hacked, according to a report in New York magazine.

The academics said their findings showed Clinton’s support had dropped 7 percentage points in counties that used electronic voting machines, as opposed to those counties that used optical scanners or paper ballots. VOA



31 People Killed in a Train Collision in Iran

31 People Killed in a Train Collision in Iran

At least 31 people died in a train collision in Iran Friday, and more than 70 people were taken to hospitals after the crash in the north-central province of Semnan. Iranian state television showed footage of four derailed carriages, with two of them on fire. Rescue teams were working near the carriages on fire.

The accident happened on the main line between the capital, Tehran, and second city Mashhad, when a passenger train in motion hit an express train that had stopped at a station because of mechanical problems. VOA



32 bodies found in Southern Mexico

32 bodies found in Southern MexicoInvestigators in southern Mexico on Thursday found the remains of 32 bodies and nine human heads buried in clandestine graves. The grisly discovery was unearthed in more than a dozen hidden graves in the municipality of Zitlala in the state of Guerrero, home to several rival drug gangs. The area has experienced a wave of kidnappings, murders and turf wars. The drug cartels have been known to bury their victims in secret graves.

Officials say the remains have been taken to the state capital, Chilpancingo, for identification. Mexican security forces found the remains after receiving an anonymous tip that people were being held at a camp. When they arrived, they found a kidnap victim. Information on the victim was not immediately available. Roberto Alvarez Heredia, spokesman for the Guerrero Coordinating Group, said soldiers were combing the area looking for more graves. VOA



China orders millions to surrender passports

China orders millions to surrender passportsMillions of residents in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region have been ordered to surrender their passports to local police, in a move rights groups say is an attack on personal freedom. The order came from the Shihezi Public Security Bureau Immigration Office in Xinjiang on October 19, which said that passports would be held by police after an “annual check.”

Residents wishing to travel abroad would have to seek permission from local authorities, the statement said. Those who refuse could be barred from leaving the country. Xinjiang is an ethnically divided and resource rich province that is home to around 10 million predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and around eight million Han Chinese. CNN



Vitamin D doesn’t prevent disease for most

Vitamin D doesn't prevent disease for mostVitamin D supplements do not help prevent disease for the majority of people, according to a new study published Wednesday in the British Medical Journal. During the bleak winter months of short days and cloudy skies, many people may seek out the benefits of sunshine in bottle form and reach for supplements of vitamin D.

Made naturally by the skin when exposed to sunlight, this vitamin is needed to maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles and to prevent them from becoming brittle and at risk of fracture. But a review of evidence from clinical trials on the impact of supplements has found that attempting to get vitamin D through supplements is not so beneficial. CNN

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