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Top news stories for today – July 22, 2016


CEO Roger Ailes resigns from Fox News

CEO Roger Ailes resigns from Fox News21st Century Fox announced Thursday that Roger Ailes is resigning from his role as chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, and Fox Television Stations, effective immediately.

Rupert Murdoch — the executive chairman of 21st Century Fox, Fox News’ parent company — will take over as chairman and acting CEO of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. “Roger Ailes has made a remarkable contribution to our company and our country. Roger shared my vision of a great and independent television organization and executed it brilliantly over 20 great years,” Murdoch said in a statement.

The announcement follows rumors that Murdoch and his sons wanted the 76-year-old Ailes out following the investigation into multiple allegations of sexual harassment by the executive toward female Fox employees. 21st Century Fox, The Week



Mexico’s president visits Washington

Mexico's president visits WashingtonOn Thursday, as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was promising to build a wall between the US and Mexico and renegotiate NAFTA at the Republican National Convention, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto was in Washington for a Friday meeting with President Obama.

Obama and Peña Nieto met most recently last month at a North American summit in Canada, and while most White House visits from foreign leaders are announced well in advance, the Mexican president’s visit was unveiled just last week.

The White House dismissed suggestions that the visit had anything to do with Trump’s GOP convention. “I think it’s fair to say that almost anything that President Obama did on Friday would be viewed as a sharp contrast to the agenda that’s being put forward by the other side,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday. The Associated Press



Hunt for MH 370 to be suspended

mh370 artMalaysia, Australia, and China have jointly decided to suspend the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 once the hunt for wreckage is completed in the 46,300-square-mile area being examined now, ministers from the three countries announced Friday.

The plane disappeared more than two years ago on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. The plane is believed to have turned off course, and finally headed south into the Indian Ocean west of Australia. Officials said the hunt could resume “should credible new information emerge.” The Associated Press, The Week



Chinese flock to America to work

Chinese flock to America to workChina is sending thousands of executives to the US to work for companies bought by their Chinese rivals. The number of Chinese expat employees working in the U.S. has spiked dramatically over the last decade, a trend experts say is linked to the explosion in takeovers of American firms.

“We’ve seen a huge surge,” said Bernard Wolfsdorf, founder and managing partner of a U.S.-based immigration law firm. “Chinese companies are investing very heavily in America, and [they are] bringing in key executives and employees.”

The US granted 10,258 L-series visas to Chinese workers and their family members in 2015, more than four times the number approved in 2005, according to an analysis of government data by CNNMoney. The L-1 visa allows companies with U.S. and foreign operations to move staff to America. The opportunity for employees to bring their families over is considered a bonus. CNN



Two early front-runners emerge for UN chief

Two early front-runners emerge for UN chiefTwo clear front-runners have emerged from the pack of 12 candidates for the next UN secretary-general, according to diplomats with knowledge of the secret proceedings.

Former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres and Slovenia’s former president, Danilo Turk, both garnered strong support from the UN Security Council’s 15 members on their first informal ballots Thursday to select a new UN chief.

The council, which recommends a finalist to the General Assembly for approval, is likely to hold several rounds of votes before making a final decision. The winner will take over from Ban Ki-moon on Jan. 1, 2017. VOA

US Presidential election

Trump accepts Republican nomination, promises law and order: Donald Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday, telling convention delegates that the country is in a “moment of crisis” and promising to “restore law and order.” The billionaire businessman and former reality TV star unleashed a sharp attack of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, saying that as President Obama’s secretary of state she built a legacy of “death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness.” Before Trump spoke, his daughter Ivanka tried to soften his image, saying her father “is color blind and gender neutral.” The New York Times

Sen. Tim Kaine tops Clinton’s VP list before rumored announcement: Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine has emerged as the clear favorite a day before Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her running mate. Clinton confidants and allies believe Kaine is the leading contender. And some top allies have recommended that Clinton pick the Virginia Democrat. Kaine has long been seen as a favorite to be Clinton’s running mate, though a number of other names have made the cut. The Hill

A gay Silicon Valley billionaire just made GOP history at the RNC: Peter Thiel encouraged the GOP to not get distracted by culture wars on stage Thursday night, saluting Donald Trump for not focusing on such things as he made history. The tech billionaire declared to the Republican National Convention that he is “proud to be gay,” becoming the first speaker in the party’s history to do so from the stage of the Republican National Convention. He warned the party against fighting on social issues and encouraged Republicans to let transgender people use whichever bathroom they want to use. CNN

Trump Vows Action, Law-and-order in Convention Speech: Donald Trump delivered his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention, painting America as a country in dire straits, under attack both at home and abroad. He says he is the only candidate capable of making America safe and vows to take the actions necessary to protect Americans who feel unsafe. VOA

Trump comments on withdrawing US forces from Asia raise alarm: Alarm is being expressed following Trump’s latest comments questioning the need to keep nearly 80,000 US military personnel in Northeast Asia. In an interview with The New York Times, Donald Trump said the presence of American troops in South Korea were “no guarantee we’ll have peace” on the Korean Peninsula, and he asked “what are we getting out of this?” by having troops, aircraft, ships and bases in Japan. The United States has long-standing alliances with Japan and South Korea to provide for their defense if they are attacked, and a key element of the Obama administration’s foreign policy has been a strategic “pivot” to Asia, which Trump apparently desires to reverse. VOA

Analysis: The Republican convention as reality TV. Not in a good way: Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Republican National Convention nominating Donald Trump for president would turn out to be less like the traditional glowing infomercial and more like a reality TV show. And not in a good way. Instead of projecting party unity and reaching out to the undecided voters who will decide the winner in November, the conclave that launched the general election for the GOP has spotlighted splits and stumbles, chaos and conspiracies — a narrative that might be good for attracting ratings but bad for reassuring voters. A series of missteps left it to Trump himself to regain a sense of energy and momentum with a high-stakes, prime-time acceptance speech Thursday night. USA Today

For Trump, the GOP is no longer the party of Bush: Even while introducing running mate Mike Pence, Donald Trump bash Bushes family. “Pretty good,” Trump said Saturday of his almost 14 million primary votes. “More than the Bushes.” It seems like Trump has run against the Bush family more than anybody else, save Hillary and Bill Clinton.

In addition to personal attacks against Jeb Bush and the legacy of President George W. Bush during the primary campaign, Trump has broken with the Bush family on several issues with which they’ve long been associated: free-trade agreements, a revamped immigration system, entitlement spending and the use of American leadership on the world stage. “On all of these counts, Trump is the anti-Bush candidate,” said Tony Fratto, a former spokesman for George W. Bush, adding: “That’s one of the reasons he will be unsuccessful.” USA Today

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