Top News Stories for Today – December 6, 2016

Top News Stories for Today – December 6, 2016

Trump takes victory tour to North Carolina

How Donald Trump finally won a Republican presidential debateOn Tuesday, Donald Trump is traveling to Fayetteville, North Carolina, for the second stop on his “thank you” tour to battleground states that voted for him. Last week in Cincinnati he held his first rally, which strongly resembled Trump’s raucous campaign events, and later this week he is taking his victory tour to Iowa and Michigan.

In his Ohio rally, Trump mixed in a personnel announcement — he will nominate retired Gen. James Mattis as defense secretary — so he may combine business with politics. Victory tours are extremely unusual, if not unprecedented, in US presidential history. The Associated Press



American public backs Trump’s Carrier deal

Carrier reaches deal with TrumpThe American public is behind Donald Trump’s Carrier deal, in which the air conditioner and furnace manufacturer will agree to keep some 800 jobs in Indiana that had been slated to go to Mexico in return for $7 million in state financial incentives, a Morning Consult/Politico poll released Tuesday found.

Sixty percent of respondents, including 87 percent of Republicans, said the Carrier deal gave them a more favorable view of Trump, versus 29 percent who said it made them view Trump less favorably. Republican congressional leaders, fiscally conservative groups and media, and Sarah Palin have decried the Carrier deal as a corporate shakedown and terrible example of “crony capitalism.” Politico, The Week



Pentagon reportedly buried billions in waste

Pentagon reportedly buried billions in wasteThe Pentagon hid a 2015 internal study that found evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste in its business operations, according to The Washington Post. Officials reportedly feared that lawmakers would use the information to justify cutting the defense budget.

The study, undertaken by the Defense Business Board, found that the Pentagon was spending $134 billion of its $580 billion budget on overhead and operations — human resources, accounting, property management — and that more than 1 million people work in the Defense Department’s business operations, as compared to the 1.3 million active-duty troops. To save $125 billion, the report suggested early retirement, attrition, and using fewer contractors and more technology. The Pentagon first released a summary of the report, then pulled that from its website. Washington Post



Cazeneuve named as new PM in France

Cazeneuve named as new PM in FranceFrench Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has been named as prime minister, replacing Manuel Valls, who resigned in order to make a bid for the presidency next year.

Mr Valls presented his resignation to President Francois Hollande on Tuesday. Mr Cazeneuve will be in charge of the Socialist government until June’s parliamentary elections. He has played a key role in managing France’s security since the jihadist terror attacks in Paris last year. BBC



Iran threatens US over sanctions extension

Iran vows to defend Muslim nationsIran’s President Hassan Rouhani is threatening US with a “harsh reaction”, after Congress voted last week to renew sanctions against the country for an additional 10 years. Rouhani said if Obama implements the sanctions it would mark a “blatant and clear breach” of the nuclear agreement reached last year. Obama is expected to sign the Iran Sanctions Act into law before leaving office in January. His administration has said it does not believe the sanctions violate the nuclear deal.

The Iran sanctions law was first passed by Congress in 1996 and has been renewed multiple times since then. Obama suspended the sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program as part of the nuclear deal, but keeping them on the books would allow an incoming president to use the sanctions as he sees fit.

“America … is our enemy, we have no doubt about this. The Americans want to put as much pressure on us as they can,” Rouhani said. VOA

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