Top News Stories for Today – December 1, 2016

Top News Stories for Today – December 1, 2016

Soccer fans honor plane crash victims

Soccer fans honor plane crash victimsSoccer fans in Brazil and Colombia held tributes Wednesday night in honor of those killed late Monday when a plane carrying a Brazilian team crashed near Medellin, Colombia, killing 71 people. In Medellin, 40,000 people filled the stands where the city’s Atletico Nacional club had been scheduled to play against the Brazilian team Chapecoense. Many of them wore white and carried flowers for the tribute that included reading the names of the victims and observing a minute of silence.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Jose Serra addressed the crowd, noting the two teams’ common white and green colors as a sign of unity. “We Brazilians will never forget the way Colombians lived as their own this terrible, terrible disaster that disrupted Chapecoense’s dream,” Serra said. In Chapeco, Brazil, people gathered at the same time in their stadium for a vigil of their own. VOA



Trump’s victory tour to Indiana and Ohio

Trump-less debate earns second-lowest ratings of GOP debate seasonOn Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump is taking a break from auditioning Cabinet members to travel to Indiana and Ohio, the inaugural leg of what he’s calling his “Trump USA Thank You Tour 2016.” Trump’s first stop on Thursday, alongside Vice President-elect Mike Pence, will be in Indianapolis, where he will hold an event with Carrier Corp, the heating and air-conditioning company that this week agreed not to ship at least 800 jobs to Mexico, as planned.

No details have yet been released on the price of keeping those jobs in Indiana. In Cincinnati on Thursday night, Trump and Pence will hold a rally at U.S. Bank Arena. Future legs of the tour are expected to include Florida and more stops in the Midwest, in states Trump won. The Wall Street Journal



Americans are divided over repealing Obamacare

House fails again on ObamacarePresident-elect Donald Trump is intent on repealing Obamacare, but 49% of Americans want Trump and Congress to either expand Obamacare or continue implementing the law as it is, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Thursday. Another 26% want the entire law repealed, while 17% would like the law scaled back.

Trump and GOP Congressional leaders have said they plan to take up Obamacare’s repeal as soon the incoming president takes office on January 20. What remains unclear is what would replace Obamacare. Though he vowed on the campaign trail to completely dismantle the health reform law, Trump has since indicated he would keep certain provisions, such as protections for those with pre-existing conditions and allowing children to remain on their parents’ health insurance until age 26. CNN



Oil prices rise further after OPEC agrees output cut

Saudi, Russia, Venezuela agree to freeze oil output ( prices have risen further following Wednesday’s agreement by the Opec group of oil producing nations to cut output. The price of Brent crude rose 1.3% to $52.51 a barrel, after soaring 8.8% on Wednesday.

The deal, Opec’s first output cut for eight years, is designed to reverse a slump in global oil prices and will see the group reduce production by 1.2 million barrels a day from January. But analysts have raised doubts about its chances of succeeding. BBC



Trump’s Cabinet is historically wealthy

Trump's Cabinet is historically wealthy Photo credit to REUTERS/Mike SegarDonald Trump’s Cabinet is already the wealthiest in modern American history. Mitt Romney, who Trump is said to be eyeing for secretary of state, is worth about $250 million. Wilbur Ross, Trump’s commerce secretary nominee, is worth at least $2.5 billion, and Ross’ nominated deputy, Todd Ricketts, is scion of the billionaire family that owns the Chicago Cubs. Betsy DeVos, whose father-in-law co-founded Amway, belongs to a family worth $5.1 billion.

Treasury secretary nominee Stephen Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive and Hollywood financier, is worth more than $40 million; Trump’s pick for transportation secretary, shipping heiress Elaine Chao, is worth some $37 million with her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell; and Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), Trump’s would-be HHS secretary, is worth $13.6 million. Most of those millionaires and billionaires were born into wealthy families, attended elite schools, then built their inheritance into a bigger fortune. Politico estimates that when the Trump Cabinet is filled, his appointees could be worth up to $35 billion. America’s median income is $55,000. The Washington Post, Politico



Clinton’s popular vote lead now exceeds 2.3 million

Calls for recount intensify as Clinton's popular vote total growsVotes are still counted from the Nov. 8 presidential election, and Clinton’s lead in the popular vote over Trump continues to climb. On Wednesday night, The Associated Press released its latest figures, giving Clinton 64,874,143 votes to Trump’s 62,516,883 — a difference of 2,357,260.

Based on those numbers, Clinton has 48.1 percent of the vote, and Trump 46.4 percent. In electoral votes, Trump has 306 to Clinton’s 232. The National Popular Vote Tracker, which is compiled from official sources by Cook Political Report and David Wasserman, has Clinton with 65,152,112 votes and Trump with 62,625,928. In 2012, President Obama won re-election with 65,915,795 votes. The Associated Press, 2016 National Popular Vote Tracker


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