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World’s top news stories for today from Washingtonian post (March 26, 2016)

Top ISIS leader killed in airstrike

Top ISIS leader killed in airstrikeA top Islamic State commander named Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli, also known as Haji Imam, was killed in an airstrike earlier this month, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Friday.

Carter would not disclose the details of the airstrike, including where it took place. Imam was ISIS’s second in command, serving as a finance minister for the terrorist group, overseeing all the funding for the operation. Taking Imam out impedes the group’s efforts to recruit and execute plans, Carter said. Imam was a longtime member of ISIS, dating back to the earliest iterations of al Qaeda in Iraq. Washington Post



Link between Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks

Link between Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks (photo Laachraoui, one of the two men who blew themselves up at the Brussels airport on Tuesday, also made the suicide vests for the November Paris attacks, Belgian authorities said Friday. Authorities found Laachraoui’s fingerprints, along with the fingerprints of Paris suspect Salah Abdelslam, in a Brussels apartment back on Dec. 10, 2015. On March 18, 2016, Abdelslam was arrested in Brussels after a four-month manhunt. On March 21, Belgian authorities reportedly asked for help in finding Laachraoui, who was still at large. The next day, Laachraoui blew himself up at the Brussels airport.

Belgian authorities continue to raid neighborhoods around Brussels, detaining at least three suspects Friday. The investigation has spread to Germany and France, where multiple suspects have been arrested on suspicion of ties to the Paris and Brussels bombings as well as future terrorist plots. The New York Times via The Week



US Presidential election

US Presidential election newsTrump vs Cruz on tabloid story: Ted Cruz is accusing Donald Trump and his “henchmen” of smearing him with a salacious tabloid story, which the Texas senator called “garbage” and “complete and utter lies.” Cruz said he believes Trump “directed these attacks.” CNN has no reporting to suggest that the tabloid allegations are true or that Trump or any of his advisers are behind the story, which was published this week. Trump, in a statement released by his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, said he had no involvement with the story. CNN

Democrat caucus on Saturday: Washington has the biggest delegate haul (101!) of the three Democratic contests Saturday. This is a hotly contested state with Hillary Clinton dispatching both husband Bill and daughter Chelsea to campaign on her behalf this week, and there is no useful polling to show how it is leaning. Alaska (16 delegates) and Hawaii (25 delegates) also hold caucuses Saturday. Voters in Alaska and Washington meet in the morning, with Hawaii in the afternoon, so the last results will be rolling in after dinner on the East Coast. USA Today

Cruz on Muslim: After Sen. Ted Cruz called for increased surveillance of Muslims in the U.S., many Muslims in the community known as Little Arabia in California challenged the GOP presidential candidate or dismissed his comments as mostly meaningless rhetoric. AP

Cost of race surges 1 billion: Fundraising in the presidential contest has zoomed past the $1 billion mark, fueled by the dozens of super-wealthy Americans bankrolling super PACs that have acted as shadow campaigns for White House contenders. Presidential candidates and the super PACs closely aligned with them had raised a little more than $1 billion through the end of February, newly released campaign reports show. By comparison, the presidential fundraising by candidates and their super PACs had hit $402.7 million at this point in the 2012 election, according to data compiled by the non-partisan Campaign Finance Institute. USA Today



Thrilling find in Borneo

Thrilling find in BorneoFor the first time in 40 years, a species of rhino has been seen in Kalimantan, the Indonesia part of Borneo. The Sumatran rhino, a female, was caught in a pit trap on March 12. The World Wildlife Fund made the announcement of this discovery on Tuesday.

“This is an exciting discovery and a major conservation success,” said Efransjah Efransjah, the CEO of WWF-Indonesia. “We now have proof that a species once thought extinct in Kalimantan still roams the forests, and we will now strengthen our efforts to protect this extraordinary species.”

Sumatran rhinos are one of only two species that exist in Indonesia. CNN



Ireland marks centennial of deadly Easter Rising

Ireland marks centennial of deadly Easter Rising (Photo - hundred years ago, a ragtag band of Irish nationalists battled the British army in central Dublin for six days in a failed attempt to win independence from the United Kingdom.

The centennial of that “Easter Rising” revolt will be marked in the Irish capital on Easter Sunday with a parade and a reading of the rebels’ mutinous proclamation, which beckons Ireland’s people to fight “for her freedom.” Yet unlike the Fourth of July, which all Americans recognize as the birth of their nation, the historical significance of Easter Rising is fading among the Irish as differences between Britain and Ireland have significantly declined. USA Today

Gene-editing technique could cure HIV

Gene-editing technique could cure HIVFor the first time since the start of the AIDS epidemic, it appears scientists are on the verge of a cure.

Antiretroviral drugs do such a good job of suppressing the AIDS virus and keeping it from reproducing, that levels of HIV are virtually undetectable in infected individuals. But the memory of the virus always remains in human T-lymphocytes — immune system cells that are the target of the virus. These reservoirs can spring to life and begin churning out the AIDS pathogen the moment antiretroviral drugs are stopped.

Now, researchers appear to have found a way to eliminate the viral reservoirs from cells altogether, so they can never reproduce. The work was described in the journal Scientific Reports. VOA

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