News You Should Read Today – December 9 – 2015

Second GOP debate in will be held in JanuarySecond GOP debate will be held in January

On the heels of a debate that brought in 13.5 million viewers in November, Fox Business Network announced Tuesday it will sponsor a second Republican presidential primary debate on Jan. 14, 2016.

The debate, sanctioned by the Republican National Committee, will be held at the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center in North Charleston, South Carolina. The network said as it gets closer to Jan. 14, it will release more information on moderators, entry criteria, and the line-up. This will be the sixth Republican debate of the season and the last before the Iowa caucuses. It will also take place two days after President Obama’s final State of the Union address and three days before a Democratic debate. Fox Business Network via The Week



At least 8 killed in airport attack ( least 8 killed in airport attack

Eight civilians were killed and 10 others wounded in an attack near the Kandahar airport, Afghan officials tell CNN. All three attackers were also killed, said Samim Ekhpelwak, a spokesman for the governor of Kandahar province.

The Taliban took responsibility for the attack, saying the gunmen carried machine guns and were targeting foreign forces, Taliban spokesman Qair Yousful Ahmadi said in a statement.

Kandahar, the second-largest city in Afghanistan, is about 300 miles (480 kilometers) southwest of Kabul, the country’s capital. CNN



Only 30 Percent of Russian Airstrikes Target ISIS (Photo AFP)Only 30 Percent of Russian Airstrikes Target ISIS

A U.S. official added to the criticism of Russia’s military campaign in Syria, saying Wednesday only 30 percent of Russian airstrikes have targeted Islamic State militants.

Western nations have accused Russia of focusing its strikes on Syrian opposition fighters in support of its ally, President Bashar al-Assad, a charge Russian officials have denied.

U.S. envoy Brett McGurk, who met with U.S. and Iraqi military leaders in Baghdad Wednesday, said the other 70 percent of Russia’s airstrikes in Syria have hit opposition groups. VO A



Cruz and Rubio Pass Carson (AP)Cruz and Rubio Pass Carson

One week before the next debate among Republican presidential candidates, and less than two months before voters have their first say in the race, polls show some dramatic movement with two candidates rising fast, one plummeting and Donald Trump still far in the lead.

An average of the latest major polls as calculated by Real Clear Politics indicates 29 percent of people backing Trump to be the Republican nominee, but it is the race to catch him where candidates in the crowded field are separating into distinct groups.

Those surging include Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who have ridden a wave of support following the last debate in November to climb into second and third place. Cruz is at 15.5 percent in the poll average and Rubio just behind him at 14.8 percent.

Their rise has come during the sharp fall of neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who briefly took over the top spot just before the last debate, but has seen his support nearly cut in half as he dropped to fourth place at less than 14 percent.​ VOA

Japan win contract for India’s first high-speed railway ( win contract for India’s first high-speed railway

India is set to adopt Japanese bullet train technology for its first high-speed railway, with the two nations’ leaders expected to announce the agreement in a joint statement this week, a Japanese government source said Tuesday.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold talks in India on Saturday and issue a statement afterwards, the source said. Abe will pay a three-day visit to India from Friday.

The proposed 500-kilometer railway will link Mumbai in western India and Ahmadabad to the north, the source said. The journey would take about two hours.

Construction, which is estimated to cost 980 billion rupees ($14.68 billion), will begin in 2017, with the aim of starting railway operations in 2023. Japan Times



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