News You Should Read Today – December 19 – 2015

Bernie Sanderssanders sues DNC

Bernie Sanders’ campaign filed a federal suit against the Democratic National Committee Friday evening. The news comes just hours after Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver threatened legal action against the DNC after the campaign’s access to an important national voter database was suspended.

“The leadership of the DNC is now actively working to undermine our campaign,” Weaver said. Sanders’ team was suspended from the database earlier Friday as punishment for accessing rival Hillary Clinton’s private campaign data when a technical problem accidentally made it viewable. The New York Times via The Week



U.N. Security Council calls for cease-fire, peace talks to end Syrian civil war (Reuters)U.N. calls for cease-fire, peace talks to end Syrian civil war

For the first time since the nearly five-year-old Syrian civil war began, world powers agreed on Friday at the United Nations Security Council to embrace a plan for a cease-fire and a peace process that holds the distant prospect of ending the conflict.

A resolution adopted unanimously by the Security Council reflected a monthslong effort by American and Russian officials, who have long been at odds over the future of Syria, to find common national interests to stop the killing, even if they cannot yet agree on Syria’s ultimate future.

But there remain sharp disagreements to be reconciled between the American and Russian positions, and huge uncertainty about what the plan will mean on the ground. A dizzying array of armed forces have left Syria in ruins, killed 250,000 and driven four million refugees out of the country, threatening to destabilize the nations where they are seeking new homes.

“This council is sending a clear message to all concerned that the time is now to stop the killing in Syria and lay the groundwork for a government” that can hold the country together, Secretary of State John Kerry said at the Security Council. The New York Times



Castro Urges US to End Broadcasts Directed at Cuba (AP)Castro urges US to end broadcasts directed at Cuba

Cuban President Raul Castro is urging the U.S. government to stop radio and television broadcasts that Cuba considers harmful, while also saying that his government is willing to keep improving relations with the United States.

In a speech broadcast on state television Friday, Castro said that his government will “continue insisting that to reach normalized relations, it is imperative that the United States government eliminate all of these policies from the past.”

He noted that the U.S. government continues to broadcast to Cuba, including transmissions of Radio Marti and TV Marti, despite Cuba’s objections. Radio Marti and TV Marti are overseen by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which is also the parent organization of the Voice of America.

Castro also criticized U.S. immigration policy that allows Cuban migrants to live in the United States if they reach U.S. territory. VOA



9 health questions people asked Google in 2015 ( health questions people asked Google in 2015

CNN asked the experts at Google to share the most popular health-related searches of the past year. “These top searched health-related questions are based on Google searches in the US from January to November 2015,” says Simon Rogers, a data editor for Google’s News Lab. Here are the burning questions you searched for in 2015

What did you ask Google in 2015?

  1. Is bronchitis contagious?
  2. Is pneumonia contagious?
  3. How much water should I drink?
  4. How many calories should I eat?
  5. What is lupus?
  6. How far along am I?
  7. When do you ovulate?
  8. What is gluten?
  9. How long does the flu last? CNN

Chinese Christians do not fear government persecution ( Christians do not fear government persecution

Although the Chinese government has been cracking down on churches and Christians in China, one Chinese Christian says Christians in China are not afraid.

According to Christian Today, Zhang Tan who is a member of Huoshi church in Guiyang, Guizhou province condemned the government’s decision to ban his church. In China, religious freedom is limited and all churches are banned except government-sanctioned ones.

China is reportedly increasing its crackdown on churches and Christians, but Zhang says, “As a Christian and a member of Huoshi Church, I would say that we do not fear. We accept that God blesses us; we also accept that God allows suffering to happen.” Christian Headlines

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