News You Should Read Today – December 12 – 2015

Muslim business world fired Trump (Photo AP)Muslim business world fired Trump

Donald Trump’s call for temporarily banning Muslims’ entry to the United States could doom his business interests in a number of Muslim countries.

Trump’s name dots high-rises, golf courses and hotels from Istanbul to Dubai. But now in Turkey, an attempt is underway to change the name of Trump Towers Mall in Istanbul’s high-rise business district of Mecidiyekoy.

“We are currently assessing the legal aspects of our relationship with the brand name,” Bulent Kural, the general manager of the Trump Towers Istanbul, told VOA.

Trump Towers Istanbul is a $400 million joint U.S.-Turkish venture that includes two high-rise buildings with offices, residences and the mall. The 3.2 million-square-foot complex opened in 2012.

Kural said his company had already conveyed its disappointment to the Trump family about the billionaire candidate’s remarks. VOA



Ben Carson threatens to leave GOPBen Carson threatens to leave GOP

Following rumors that the Republican National Committee discussed the possibility of a brokered convention, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson blasted the RNC and threatened to leave the party altogether. Carson accused the RNC of using a potential brokered convention — in which no candidate is able to secure the majority of delegates needed to win the nomination — to prevent poll frontrunners like Donald Trump from securing the nomination.

“I am prepared to lose fair and square, as I am sure is Donald. But I will not sit by and watch a theft,” Carson said, adding that if RNC leaders were indeed brainstorming ways to prevent Trump from being nominated, “I assure you, Donald Trump won’t be the only one leaving the party.” Politico via The Week



Moderate alcohol drinking could prolong life of Alzheimer patients (Photo Reuters))Moderate alcohol drinking could prolong life of Alzheimer patients

Moderate consumption of alcohol may reduce the mortality rates for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, according to a new study.

Writing in the journal BMJ Open, researchers from the Danish Alzheimer’s Intervention Study found that early stage Alzheimer’s patients who drank up to three units of alcohol a day lowered their risk of death by 77 percent, compared to those who had one unit or less.

One glass of wine contains 2.3 units, as does a pint of beer. A shot of a spirit would be one unit.

Among the patients studied, 17 percent had 2 to 3 drinks daily. Seventy one percent were occasional drinkers. Eight percent did not drink. The study consisted of 321 patients. The daily drinkers were more likely to be living three years longer than the occasional drinker. VOA



Women in Saudi Arabia voting for first time (Getty image)Women in Saudi Arabia voting for first time

Saudi Arabia is going to the polls in unprecedented municipal elections in which women can cast a ballot for the first time. Women are also standing as candidates, another first, despite the conservative kingdom being the only nation where women are not allowed to drive. A total of 978 women have registered as candidates, alongside 5,938 men.

Female candidates have had to speak behind a partition during campaign appearances or be represented by a man. About 130,000 women have registered to vote, officials say. That figure still falls well short of male voter registration, which stands at 1.35 million. BBC

Southern Baptist Convention Disagrees with Trump ( Baptist Convention disagrees with Trump

A commission of the Southern Baptist Convention took an opposite stance from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Muslim immigration policies.

Trump has called for an immediate ban of all Muslim immigration into the U.S. At a Southern Baptist convention event in Washington, Russell Moore, president of the convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said that ban is “wrong.”

“Demonization of Islam is not only wrong, but could lead to some very difficult situations in terms of security,” Moore said. “If we’re going to confront radical Islam, we’re going to have Muslim and Arab partners.

Afshin Ziafat, a pastor at Providence Church in Texas, said that Christians need to have a biblical understanding of the refugee crisis. Christian Headlines

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