Leaked Images Detail iPhone 8 Design in Full

Apple’s iPhone 8 has leaked. Again. This time it comes via a case maker, though the design of the iPhone does look pretty different

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Apple’s iPhone 8 has leaked. Again. This time it comes via a case maker, though the design of the iPhone does look pretty different

Apple’s iPhone 8 will be the biggest release of 2017. There is no doubt about this; Apple’s iPhone launches are always big deals, and analysts are especially bullish about this year’s release, as it is the first time Apple has bothered to touch the design in three years.

The stakes have also been raised, considerably, by Samsung during the past 18 months with the Galaxy S8 and, before that, the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, which really pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with phone design.

The net result of this is simple: Apple’s iPhones no longer look like the best phones on the planet; Samsung has beaten Apple at its own game: premium design. Though all of this will likely change in the latter part of 2017 when Apple releases its iPhone 8 handsets.

We know quite a bit about the iPhone 8 already, as you can see in our iPhone 8 Rumours Article, though a lot of people appear to still be confused about whether or not Apple’s iPhone 8 will feature a standard, physical TouchID button (likely on the back of the phone) or a new one built into the display.

Apple isn’t a fan of going after like for like features, though. It prefers to drill down on things its customers value, things like imaging, battery life, and overall performance. The Apple ecosystem is pretty much unrivaled in terms of quality and how much money it makes Apple, which is why the company seldom rocks the boat too much.

One of the biggest gambles on this year’s flagship iPhone 8 model is the removal of the Home key, a longstanding constant on iPhones since the first one launched way back in 2007.

This is a huge gamble for Apple, as it completely changes the way you interact with the phone itself. It’s kind of like moving the pedals on a car; some people would almost certainly complain.

The big question is HOW TouchID will work on the iPhone 8: will it be on the back or will it be buried inside the display?

Looking at these leaked cases for the iPhone 8, it appears the latter is correct: Apple’s iPhone WILL have TouchID built directly into the display, as there are no ports for access to a scanner on the back of the handset.

The iPhone 8 in these pictures (from SlashLeaks) also looks squatter and wider than previous iPhones, adding to the mystery surrounding this phone. Obviously, this leak could simply be a PR stunt by the case maker, done to drum up awareness of its product ahead of launch (the iPhone in the image is a render, after all).

“But what really matters here is the actual design of the case,” notes BGR. “The protective design features an opening that would fit a vertical dual lens camera on the back and all the expected physical buttons that you’d expect on an iPhone, including a mute switch, two volume rockers, and a standby button. The latter is slightly taller than previous power button designs, which also fits with earlier rumors.”

It added: “What’s also worth noticing is the absence of an opening on the back of the case that would fit a rear-facing Touch ID sensor. If this case maker has accurate information, then it means the iPhone 8 won’t have a fingerprint sensor on the back.”

Apple was apparently having a lot of trouble with integrating TouchID into the display; yields were reportedly very low which is why the company was trailing versions with TouchID on the back of the handset. Either way, it appears Apple has found a work around.

The alternative is these cases are based on a model that we won’t see if stores about low yields of the iPhone 8 (sans physical TouchID) are true. Case makers work to design briefs, essentially dimensions, nothing more, so it is likely they had prospective designs for both potential models.

Basically, the leak’s interesting but it doesn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know.

Apple’s iPhone 8 WILL NOT feature support for gigabit download speeds, a new standard for mobile data which will begin rolling out in 2017 in the US. Qualcomm is the only player that current makes modems capable of handling gigabit data and reports suggest Apple is using Intel for its modems in 2017.

“Apple will stick with 4G LTE in its iPhone 8,” reports ZDNet, “even though US carriers have touted gigabit rollout in 2017. Gigabit connectivity is supposed to offer fiber-like speeds via wireless and be 50 to 100 times faster than before.”

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and its incoming Galaxy Note 8 will feature full support for gigabit internet data once it goes live in the US later on this year.

The decision not to include support for gigabit data while not likely to be a deal breaker for most, as not everyone will know about gigabit data just yet, is still a rather hefty omission – especially once the new standard lands and people are getting 50 to 100 times faster data on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

Leaked Images Detail iPhone 8 Design in Full app
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Leaked Images Detail iPhone 8 Design in Full
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Leaked Images Detail iPhone 8 Design in Full
Apple’s iPhone 8 has leaked. Again. This time it comes via a case maker, though the design of the iPhone does look pretty different
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